Why you need accreditation as a contractor to build your business

Just like we need A-levels to get into University and the right qualifications or a degree to get a job, contractors need accreditations to win certain contracts.

Accreditations such as CHAS, SMAS, and SafeContractor, are an internationally recognised stamp of approval which show your clients that you are qualified to do what you say. But it’s so much more than that.

If you want to build and grow your business, here are the reasons why you need to get accredited.


1. Demonstrate your commitment to compliance

Anyone can claim to be qualified. Anyone can claim to be trustworthy. Anyone can claim to be credible. What accreditations do is that they prove that your claims are true.

When a client chooses their contractor, do you think that they will choose a contractor that claims excellence or a contractor that claims it AND has the accreditations to back up their statements?

Accreditations not only help you showcase your capabilities, but they help you demonstrate your commitment to compliance and sustainable and ethical practices. Put simply, they help you demonstrate your credibility to hundreds of organisations showing them that you are a responsible business to work with.

2. Help you stand out giving you a competitive advantage

Remember those contractors who are claiming to be brilliant? Since trust is very rare in the marketplace, getting accredited will set you apart from other contractors.

Accreditations such as CHAS, SMAS, and SafeContractor are gaining widespread recognition, giving you the opportunity to market your business and promote your services to other clients, thus setting you apart as an accredited contractor.

Having this edge over your competition not only allows you to attract better clients, giving you access to a wider variety of projects, but it also ensures that you retain these clients for the long-term too.

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3. Builds trust with your clients

When a client is choosing a contractor, they are going to opt for the one who has made a commitment to uphold accreditation standards when it comes to Health and Safety compliance. Why? Because they trust these contractors far more than those who don’t have this ‘seal of approval.’

Trust is the greatest drive for purchase decisions; it’s the greatest component to a strong client-contractor relationship and the key to generating referrals and repeat business.

Accreditations establish trust with your client from the get-go, giving them peace of mind that their project is in good hands and that you will deliver the results you promise.

4. Open doors for you to win bigger and better contracts

Accreditations give you a competitive edge and show that you are a credible and trustworthy business, so naturally, they help you to win more business!

Not only does being accredited offer you a lot more opportunities, which it does because many clients only look for accredited contractors to work with, but it also greatly expands your network and customer base too.

Once you get accredited, you will be added to an approved list of contractors which hundreds of companies use to search for what they need. You will be connected with companies who share the same values and want to work together without compromising safety, sustainability or ethics, so a countless number of new opportunities will be available to you without you having to make much effort at all.


Accreditations help grow your business

To summarise, getting accredited as a contractor helps you to grow your business considerably. From demonstrating your skills and commitment to quality and safety to building trust with clients, accreditations allow you to close more deals, increasing your revenue and growing your business!

So what about you? How has being accredited helped your business?

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If you’re not an accredited contractor, then you’re likely missing out on opportunities…

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